Providing a pathway to potent pain therapy without the risk of addiction and serious side effects.

Phoenix is a pre-clinical pharmaceutical company driven by a mission to bring potent, safe pain therapies to market without risk of abuse and addiction.


Opioids are the most widely prescribed drugs for treatment of moderate to severe pain. They are also the most powerful analgesics for treatment of acute and chronic pain. However, their use is plagued by serious side effects, including abuse and addiction, severe withdrawal, constipation, respiratory depression, and death from overdose.

The CDC reports that over the past ten years mortality rates have declined for all serious medical conditions – except for death from prescription opioid abuse, which has risen dramatically since 1990. More than 2 million Americans are seriously addicted to opioids – and it is a devastating addiction. According to the CDC, “this is a major public health problem that is getting worse, and getting worse rapidly.”

PPL has a portfolio of drugs under development with unique opioid receptor characteristics that do not produce the euphoric “high” that leads to abuse and addiction, while still treating moderate to severe acute and chronic pain without the dangerous side effects found in other opioids such as morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc.

We continue to seek complimentary business and investment relationships, out-licensing opportunities and/or co-development opportunities with both domestic and overseas partners as we advance our drug candidates through pre-clinical and clinical trials.

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